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To you what is actual private life? If you never want to get hurt then you should stay in your home with door closed so then you may say that it is your private life!

But in actual when it comes to what is private than do visit KissAnime because here you will find out the real meaning of privacy. Yes! Here at KissAnime we strictly follow one thing that is we must have original and legal content on our website.

There must be a gate way that can filter all when you come to our place in search of any specific anime. That is why at KissAnime we prefer to have a high profile security that can check that all of the content present here must be legally and originally placed here and must have an authentic background.

We are always trying to work up to the mark and that is why we are following DMCA policies and up to date our website after regular intervals of time so you can never be disappointed by any of the content uploaded here.

KissAnime always welcome those who find out flaws in us because by doing this you are making us more perfect and that is why we are providing you a complete box so you can contact us if there is anything you find ill legally posted.

KissAnime is one of those leading web sites that is working for the ease and comfort of the people and that is why proper secure system makes their journey more perfect. Here we upload videos and other stuff with complete authenticity and with complete copy right that is why we have faced least copy strikes that is KissAnime has a name in the field of Anime websites out there.

We are the followers of a legacy of honesty and purity and that is why we have a complete privacy policy linked to our website so here all the content and the audience can feel free and can watch whatever you want with complete security of data and content.

If you feel any breach in the policy do contact us so we can make it perfect for you!